Enhancing Quality of Life

StepUp is in the business of enhancing quality of life while staying true to four core values:

  • Fostering community — Contribute to the StepUp community of entrepreneurs so others can learn from your experience, and you’ll receive far more than you give.
  • Becoming self aware — Know your strengths and weaknesses, develop the self honesty to identify the true role you play in your challenges and stresses, and you’ll open up opportunities you never knew existed.
  • Playing a bigger game — Have the confidence to see the true potential of your ideas, your business and yourself, and you’ll experience a level of success you didn’t think possible.
  • Making a difference — Make changes that create true value for those around you, and you’ll create a cycle of change that creates ongoing value for yourself and your business.

Our StepUp Coach

Keith Hanna is recognized as the premier coach in Calgary for people who live and do business with integrity. Keith has worked with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and mid-size growth companies to help them implement and manage change to live better personal lives and lead more successful businesses.

Meet Keith Hanna

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