• we now live in a [disengagement] economy

    despite years of interventions,

    most people are still not engaged at work

    economic [performance] is in decline

    most organizations are failing to sustain

    the experiences and results people desire

    designing [culture] that works

    culture decides which strategies

    get executed for good or bad

    coaching [leadership] growth

    coaching is the essential cultural technology

    to develop strong leaders and winning teams

  • who we are and who you are

    We are a diverse and eclectic collective of professionals in business who provide personal and business design and coaching support to the general partners, management teams and portfolio companies of private equity and venture capital firms.


    Our purpose is to change the lives of the people changing the world.


    We are passionate about doing the right things and work with leaders and teams who are committed to:

    1. doing something innovative for the world
    2. demonstrating high levels of integrity in their contributions
    3. seeking deep insight into how they and their businesses function
    4. generating sustainable sources of income and wealth
  • the cool things we do

    At stepup we work with high impact small and medium growth businesses looking to elevate stakeholder engagement and unleash elite business performance.


    We partner with venture capital, venture equity, and private equity to implement strategy and grow rapidly. We enable leadership growth through the embedment of coaching as an essential leadership technology. We design culture that works through culture design and coaching interventions leading to elevated engagement and elite performance. We develop internal coaching and design capacity.


    we offer

    • Executive coaching
    • Culture and strategy facilitation and design
    • Team performance coaching and facilitation
    • Business modeling design.

    Ready to build a great business and lead a great life?

  • Tap the pulse of your organization anywhere and anytime with our enterprise leadership, engagement and performance platform.


    This proprietary, groundbreaking, cloud-based software enabled design and coaching service is exactly what you need to take the leap and step-up your game!



    enterprise [leadership, engagement and performance] platform.

  • contact us to find out how we can contribute to you and your organization.

    933 17 Avenue SW Calgary AB CANADA
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